Welcome to the Harbor Pines Women’s Golf Association (HPWGA!)

The HPWGA was founded in 1998 by women who love to play the game of golf, and share in the camaraderie of the game, while improving skill levels as we are able.  We have a robust group of over 100 women who enjoy playing the game of golf at various levels of skill and experience – all are welcome!!!  Our Association includes an 18-hole League playing on Wednesday mornings.  Our 9-hole membership is large - we are offering two options for our 9-holers in 2023.  We hope that offering two 9-hole Leagues will meet the needs of all of our 9-hole members - there’s something for everyone!  The Tuesday 9-hole League is offered to those players who are more experienced and have handicaps, and enjoy a 9-hole round in the afternoon.  The Thursday afternoon group is for those less experienced players who enjoy getting out on the course and having fun while learning and improving their game.  We are looking forward to a great season in 2023 for all!

Membership in the HPWGA provides for many benefits, but the highlight is joining a great group of gals to play the game of golf.  We are excited to renew old friendships and welcome new members.  Spring is just around the corner!  Opening Day is Tuesday, April 25th for experienced 9-hole players, Wednesday April 26th for 18-hole players, and Thursday April 27th for novice 9-hole players.  Come on out and let’s play some golf!!!

You do not need to be a member of Harbor Pines Golf Club to join our group, but you do need to complete a Membership Form and pay our annual dues for the HPWGA. Please return to the address noted on the form by April 3rd!  If you plan to play regularly, you may want to look into the various Membership Opportunities at Harbor Pines. 


We use Golf Genius, a software program used by Harbor Pines, to enroll our members in the 18-hole or 9-hole Leagues.  When you have sent in your Membership form and the season starts, you will receive a weekly communication asking if you are available to play each week.  You simply reply yes or no, and if playing, your foursome will be arranged for you in either group.  If you are playing 9-holes, you must choose either the Tuesday group, or the Thursday group.  You may be able to move from one group to the other during the season, but you may not flip flop back and forth weekly.

You can join the 18-hole group if you have, or are working on, an established handicap, but you will not be able to compete for our weekly game prizes until your handicap is set.  We encourage all members playing 9-holes to establish a handicap.  Handicaps are required, or to be in progress, for the Tuesday group, but not required for the Thursday group.  The 18-hole group has several tournaments, all of which are net except for our HPWGA Championship. Members who do not wish to compete in these tournaments can always play on any League day and enjoy being part of our group.  Both the 18-hole and 9-hole groups have Closest to the Pin competitions regularly.  In addition, we have an end-of-season luncheon with everyone, and that cost is included in your Membership dues.  Here is the 18-hole Calendar.

Meet our 2023 Season Executive Board

President- Barbara Robinson, (610) 721-0864
Vice President – Brenda Maslanka
Treasurer – Bernie van Steyn-Weiss
Secretary – Maggie Gutierrez
Past President – Susan Davis
Membership Chair – Ginny Cannata, (609) 926-4841

Please contact our President or Membership Chair, or ask in the Pro Shop, if you have any questions! 

A few highlights from last season:

Opening Day – it was a week earlier in April, and it was cold!  However, we had some brave 9-holers go
out and they showed us they are not just fair-weather golfers!

Welcome Day and our 18-hole group!

One of our favorite events for 18-holers is the Memorial Cup.  The entire group is set up in teams, and we have a fun match play event.  The team Captains are our League Champion, and the President’s Cup Winner, and they select the team colors.  The black and white team was victorious in 2022!

Our 9-holers have a lot of fun, no matter the skill level.  It’s great to make new friends playing golf!
We are happy to welcome several previous 9-hole players into our 18-hole group this year.

Our 18-hole group competes in the B Cup of the Jersey Shore League:  Way to go!

Ready on the first tee!

Congratulations to our Club Champion, and current President of the HPWGA, on the right, and runner up on the left.

Friendships abound!

9-holers enjoying our 2022 End of Season Luncheon!


  • 2023 Schedule
We begin our League play on April 25th through to the end of October. The Tuesday 9-hole group has tee times beginning at 4:00pm. The Wednesday 18-hole group plays Wednesdays with tee times beginning at 8:00am, and the Thursday 9-hole group has tee times beginning at 4:30pm. 
  • Lessons

Lessons are available from the Pro associated with Harbor Pines, Roger Hoover. Many of our members have taken lessons from Roger.  Contact Roger at (609) 204-1503 if you are interested in lessons.