Thursday Stableford League

*Weekly sign-ups available in the pro shop


The Stableford Group is the name for a non-handicap weekly golfing competition conducted at Harbor Pines Golf Club.  Harbor Pines assists in the facilitation of the weekly play, but the group was formed and is governed by a number of HP Members.

Participation in the Stableford Group competition is open to anyone and although this is a non-handicap group, you must have a USGA Handicap Index to play.

Participating golfers play an 18-hole round recording their individual gross score on each hole.  They earn Stableford Points based on the hole-by-hole gross score and also record these points on their scorecard.  At the conclusion of the round, each golfer calculates the total number of Stableford points they have earned during the round.

Golfers compete each week for a share of a cash pool.  Each golfer is assigned a target number of Stableford points they must reach by the completion of their round in order to share in the winner's pool.  All golfers exceeding their target point goal share the pool money.

Initial targets are established in one of two ways:  If the golfer participates in either the Harbor Pines Men's or Women's League, their most recent scorecard from that league will be reviewed, scored via the Stableford system and the resulting point total will become his/her initial target goal.  For others, the difference between the individual's HP coursehandicap and 36 will become their inital target.

Each time a golfer plays in the group, his/her individual future target can be modified (up or down) based on that most recent round.  The goal of the Stableford Group is to have each golfer competing against their own individually established point goal and still be able to participate in the group-wide pool.  There is no limit to the number of winners each week; if you exceed your target, you will share in the winner's pool.

Players earn points according to the following schedule:
     Bogey:   1 point
     Par:        2 points
     Birdie:   4 points
     Eagle:    6 points

No points are earned for anything higher than a bogey and participants are encouraged to pick up once their score will be double bogey or higher.

For additional information about the Stableford Group please contact the golf shop or EMAIL Chris Doyle.